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Related post: glass slide. 2. With the aid of a forceps take the section or very small quantity of the material to be examined and spread it on the drop of Order Cheap Lasix water. 3. Place a clean cover-glass over the material. In placing the cover-glass do not drop it flat upon the drop of water, Lasix 240 Mg but place one side of it down first and allow it to Lasix 4 Mg squeeze the water along under it. 4. Keep the top of the cover-glass dry. When filamentous algae or molds are to be examined, the material tends to cling together and must be carefully separated, in the drop of water, with dissection needles before the cover glass is placed over the material. In case a coarse ground drug is to be mounted the coarser particles should be first crushed in the water on the slide and subsequently teased apart with dissection needles. Care should always be taken to see that the water or mounting medium used Lasix 160 Mg is not contaminated with foreign substances. This can best be practiced by examining the mounting medium under the microscope before the material to be examined is placed in it. THE TECHNIQUE OF MAKING PERMANENT MOUNTS i. The Mounting Medium. When a microscopic object is to be preserved permanently it must be kept from decaying and the fluid in which it is placed must be kept from evaporating. These condi- tions can be met by adding an antiseptic (2 per cent, acetic acid, or formaldehyde) to the water used in mounting and carefully sealing the cover glass with asphaltum or zinc white. As a rule, a better way is to use a mounting medium that will not evaporate, e.g., glycerine, glycerin gelatin or Canada balsam. These fluids have a high refractive index and so render the Buy Cheap Lasix Online objects penetrated by them more transparent. This quality is generally an advantage, but for objects already almost transparent it is quite the reverse. Glycerine has the disadvantage of always remaining soft, so that the mount may at any time be spoiled by careless handling. "Glycerin-gelatin FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS 21 has the advantage of mixing ' readily with 50 per cent, glycerin in which the object should be placed before being mounted in this medium. It should be warmed on a water bath before using and the cover glass applied quickly after it is placed on the specimen. It cools rapidly and constitutes the quickest and simplest means of effecting a durable permanent mount. Its disadvantage is due mainly to its jelly like consistency which is frequently responsible for damaged mounts when the cover glass above the preparation is too greatly strained. Canada balsam, slowly becomes solid, so that the mount is exposed to no accident short of actual breakage. Balsam has the disadvantage of being non-miscible with water, so that before it can be used the object must be carefully dehydrated. Even after this is done, and the object lying in absolute alcohol, an oil must be used as an intermediate agent between alcohol and balsam. 2. Staining. For two reasons it is generally better to stain plant tissues before mounting. Transparent tissues may become almost invisible in glycerine, glycerin-gelatin, or balsam, and different tissues take a stain differently. This being the case it becomes possible to stain one tissue and not another, or one tissue with one stain and another in the same Lasix 200 Mg section with a different stain, so that the different parts may Lasix 40 Mg Daily be brought out like areas on a colored map. The most common stains are haematoxylin derived from logwood, and various anilin stains safranin, fuchsin, eosin, iodine green, methyl- green, malachite green, etc. METHOD FOR THE 'PREPARATION OF A CANADA BALSAM MOUNT 1. Stain object with 0.5 per cent, solution of safranin or fuchsln in 50 per cent, alcohol for from Lasix 60 Mg Iv three to five minutes. 2. Wash out excess of stain and further dehydrate with 70 per cent, alcohol. 3. Stain with 0.5 per cent, solution of methyl-green, or malachite green, or iodine-green in 70 per cent, alcohol for twenty seconds or longer, depending upon the nature of the material. 4. Dehydrate and wash out excess of stain with 95 per cent, alcohol for Lasix 100 Mg two minutes. 22 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY 5. Further dehydrate by placing material in absolute alcohol Lasix 40 Mg Iv for one minute. 6. Clear in cedar oil for i minute. Blot up excess from around edge of section. 7. Mount in Canada balsam. 8. Label slide. Should air-bubbles be detected in the balsam shortly after mount- ing, Lasix Water Tablets heat a dissection needle in a flame and touch each with its tip, when they will be found to disappear. If too much Canada balsam has been Lasix 120 Mg used, some of it usually spreads beyond the edge of the cover-glass, or on its surface. In this event wait until the balsam Lasix 20 Mg Daily hardens, when it can be scratched off with a knife, and the surface of the glass cleaned with a rag moistened with turpentine oil or xylol. Should the Canada balsam become too thick, it can be thinned down with either xylol Lasix 15 Mg or benzol. METHOD FOR THE PREPARATION OF A GLYCERIN-GELATIN MOUNT 1. Stain object with an aqueous solution of eosin. 2. Wash out excess of stain by moving the section about in a dish of water. 3. Transfer object to weak glycerin (glycerin 10 parts, water 90 parts) for 3 to 5 minutes. 4. Transfer object to 50 per cent, glycerin for 3 to 5 Lasix 12.5 Mg minutes. 5. Transfer object to concentrated glycerin for 5 minutes.
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